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    get rid of fruit flies

    How to get rid of fruit flies

    Herbal Health Care: Homemade Natural Ant Killers. Since it appears my house it built on top of an ant farm

    Get Rid of Fruit Flies Overnight. Trying this one!!

    Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

    Just in case this tragedy befalls to fix a cracked glad I found this!

    Orajel will stop mosquito bites from itching immediately. -- Must remember this... camping season is getting close!

    Soak orange peels in vinegar for two weeks in a sealed mason jar then pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. Use as a non-toxic and yummy smelling "green" cleaner. I love using vinegar to clean with but have always wondered how to make it smell better - can't wait to do this!

    Getting rid of Toilet Rings easily

    BEAUTIFUL Pear Fruit Fly Traps!!! Wow, I have to get one of these! The fruit flies are lured into the little spout and get trapped. Love the Sparkling crackle glass ♥

    You won't believe how easy it is to get rid of ants for good!

    How to Get Rid of Ants

    How to get rid of the print on containers! So awesome!

    Homemade mosquito trap

    17 Tips To Make Your Life Easier. seriously, read these...especially number 17 about the dryer...crazy!!

    Get rid of the FRUIT FLIES. I am ALWAYS searching for this and can't find it! Hooray!

    Fruit Fly Trap 1

    Finally! A way to close that bag when I forgot/can't find a clip!

    Getting Rid of that "Boy Smell" in the Bathroom

    Fruit Fly Traps, Set of 2

    Naturally Repair Wood With Vinegar and Canola Oil. So, for a super cheap, use 3/4 cup of oil, add 1/4 cup vinegar. white or apple cider vinegar, mix it in a jar, then rub it into the wood. You don’t need to wipe it off; the wood just soaks it in.