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Chicago bicycle dealer Andy Koslow rides a tiny bike built by a former vaudevillian. "This helps limber up his left leg," LIFE wrote, "which, as a former motorcycle racer, he broke seven times.

The Naked Bicycle with Cheese

Square-wheeled bike held by Bernard Steinlauf was built by son Dave after seeing a bicycle wreck, (Photo by Wallace Kirkland/Time

20 Fotos que no puedes mirar y quedarte indiferente

20 Fotos que no puedes mirar y quedarte indiferente

20 pictures that are impossible to look indifferently -

Little girl with doll, France, 1914 | 16 Edwardian Colour Photos That Will Make You Feel Like A Time Traveller

16 Edwardian Colour Photos That Will Make You Feel Like A Time Traveller

thehystericalsociety:  1898 (Via)

Old Bicycles Young Girl With Big Hat Vintage Bicycling Hand Brake Bicycle 1890 in Collectibles, Photographic Images, Vintage & Antique

female heroin addicts

Photographer Lincoln Clarkes examines the street corners of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to expose moments in the lives of over 400 female heroin addicts

children dancing in an alley of aubervilliers, 1950 (la ronde dans une ruelle d’aubervilliers, 1950)    it is an image that could have inspired jacques prévert when he composed his poem little children of aubervilliers, which was performed by germaine montero in the film directed by eli lotar in 1946.    photo by willy ronis

Photo by Willy Ronis : Children dancing in an alley of aubervilliers (la ronde dans une ruelle d’aubervilliers), 1950

Goat me smilingإعرف صاحبك، و سيبه (NO POINT IN TRYING TO CHANGE PEOPLE)   +++ طبخ السم دواقه !!!    إنما للصبر حدود !  يا روح أمك ! الصبر حرق الدكانه !  أصبر على الرُزِّ حتى يشيط !!!  شيلنى ! أشيلك   +++ إبقى قابلنى ! +++  إحيينى النهار ده !  و موتنى بكرا    +++ هذا جناه أبى علىَّ !  وما جنيتُ على أحد (أبو العلاء  المعرى الشعر الأعمى الزاهد)   +++ ALCOHOL/MISERY LIKES COMPANY من  شاف بلاوى الناس، هانت عليه بلاويه  ╬ ‴﴾﴿ﷲ ☀ﷴﷺﷻ﷼﷽ﺉ ﻃﻅ‼ ♡༺✿༻ ﷺﷺ✨♚Ϡ ₡ ۞ ♕¢©®°❥❤�❦♪♫±البسملة´µ¶ą͏Ͷ·Ωμψϕ϶ϽϾШ

GOATS ON BICYCLES IN AFRICA~Interesting site of bicycle transportation & modifications in Africa.Ha, this is a goaty back, or a goat piggy back, lol!