Use these sentence starters to scaffold students' thinking and help with writing in science

Power sentences anchor chart

WOULD YOU RATHER - beginning of the year and have them go to the side of the room that shares their answer

BB Good idea for our Unit: Help kids learn the different types of Energy and why it is important/how we use it etc.

Growing Confidence--Helping Students Succeed with Math Facts...check out my post today with some tips regarding math facts, interventions, and helping students BELIEVE they can make progress!

These resources and lesson plan will help your students defend their thoughts more carefully using evidence-based reference sheets, example writing and suggested format, and rubric/checklists. I have successfully used this lesson in grades 2-6.

Have the students make their writing "more colorful" by using paint strips. Write a boring adjective at the bottom of the paint strip on the most boring color. Give each student a paint strip and they can use a thesaurus or a word wall to think of "more colorful" words for their strip. Put the best word on the brightest part of the strip. Hang all of their strips on the door and they can use those words to help "make their writing colorful!"

Whole class journals..each student can write in them on a certain topic and the class can read them at different time. Great ''I'm finished early'' activity!

great site for science notebooks

Non-fiction writing checklist..this would help Prep, Grade One students to write a non-fiction paper!

Common Core is all about evidence!! Standard One for all grades is all about showing the evidence!! This is a great Anchor Chart for Textual Evidence Sentence Starters

Teacher's blog with lots of great 5th grade science tips. Great chart to encourage critical thinking in their notebooks Tek 6-3A

Science Interactive Notebooks

Cute idea for sentence construction!

Science Sentence Stems for ELLs-- You can have some standard sentence stems that are used for many classroom activities, as well as sentence stems for particular activities.

Properties of Matter Foldable $2.50 Students create a foldable for the properties of matter that includes examples and definitions for each. Perfect for gluing into a science notebook.

list of ideas for helping children write more expressively

science journal ideas

Geography report. Introduce a different culture and help strengthen writing skills, all at the same time.

3, 2, 1 Pyramid Idea for Science -- use this structure to have children write three facts about the sun, two reasons why the sun is so important, and then a summarizing sentence.