Flooding Technique Using Royal Icing

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How to make invisible border royal icing cookies! +++ this blog has everything you'll ever need to know about RI cookies, included photo tutorials, recipes, and step by step directions for the cutest RI designs!

Dough recipe for sugar cookies that won't lose their shape. Needed around the holidays.

Flood icing (not royal) for cookies. This was really great! I did only do the white instead of colored frosting since some reviews said the frosting got cloudy after a couple days...not that the cookies lasted that long!

Great tutorial to icing cookies.

Sugar Bea's Blog: How to Line and Flood a Cookie with Royal Icing

Cookie Decorating With Royal Icing : Icing Consistency, Preparation, Outlining, & Flooding [Part 4]

All You Need Is Love & Christmas Cookies

Recipe for Royal Icing for Decorating Cookies

A great how to with royal icing on sugar cookies and a cut out dough recipe that holds it's shape. Fantastic. Great cookie recipe and excellent royal icing. I added almond extract. The vanilla and the almond together were wonderful!

video tutorial - how to find the right consistency for royal icing, depending on what you're doing with it (outlining or flooding)...also shows how to make a royal icing decoration on a transparency sheet and then transfer it to a cake instead of decorating right on a cookie.

Flooding Cookies

DIY, by just stirring some jello into your frosting. It will change the color and flavor. AWESOME IDEA!!!

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How to make snowflakes for cupcakes

The Best Tip EVER for filling a pastry bag! #tutorial #pastry_bag_filling_tutorial #easy

in love with these cookies!