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  • Lauren Gilman

    Aspen Forest by Chad Galloway I love birch trees! But even more I love photos that have not been photoshopped yet still focus on one beautifully bright color such as these autumn leaves. It brings such a contrast to the trees while not focussing the picture on leaves on the ground.

  • Beautiful Hotels

    The most beautiful landscapes in the United States (50 pictures): Autumn Forest Aspen Colorado

  • Marta M

    Autumn birch trees outdoors nature autumn leaves orange

  • Sue Moore

    Amazing Picture of a Forest of Birch Trees in Colorado, USA

  • Connie Jacobs

    Aspen forest A quiet place... beautifully nature made.

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when i lived in colorado, i'd ride my horse into the mountains and see double rainbows and then below me, a carpet of wildflowers like nothing i'd ever seen before. it was really beautiful there.

Sylvan - adj. Related to the woods, wooded. n. One who inhabits or frequents the woods. A.Word.A.Day (January 6, 2011)

Colorado. This is why I moved to Colorado. Mountains, skiing, so beautiful. I LOVE to get out of shitty Denver and see the beautiful parts of the state.

Green -- When I think of green, I don't just think of the concept of "being" green, I think of why many make the effort to "be" green: To keep places like this around, and thriving.

Colorado, always Colorado! United States.

Forest - Original Fine Art Photography - Print

Magic forest, France. What would I do if I were here for two hours?? relax, meditate, breathe deeply, be filled with appreciation!

Sunrise in Czarnohora Mountains, Ukraine. Chornohora (Czarnohora; literally: Black Mountain) is the highest mountain range in Western Ukraine in the Eastern Beskids and the Ukrainian Carpathians group, which in turn is part of the Outer Eastern Carpathians.

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Raula reached for the water and her finger gently broke the icy surface of the water. This was her creek. Was she ready for it to freeze?