Photos of Barbi Dolls Doing Very Bad Things by Mariel Clayton

'bad barbie: the works of mariel clayton' - street couch, 2011 [article + images + link to mariel clayton's website; 'mariel clayton isn’t the first social commentator to decry barbie’s negative effect on society, and she definitely won’t be the last. but she just might be the most grisly']



Disecting Barbie

barbie got sick of ken

Liam Neeson :D

hahaha this section of magazines always cracks me up

I want one.

ya.... my hair looks like that too when I wake up with it curly and down. Maybe you should have showered before family picture day?

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics

Which Barbie Doll Are You? You got: Classic Barbie Mattel / Via You see the world as filled with possibility. Your friends are very important, and you truly appreciate the relationships in your life. You embrace change with tons of gusto. You are uniquely you and are #unapologetic about being yourself. feb 2014

Oh man this is awesome

These parents are awesome. I laughed so hard! This is seriously the best thing ever.

THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD!!!!! Oh my gosh the chain one is so true. Am I seriously not the only one who believes the chain one????????

Bahahaha funniest thing I have seen all day!

for bad days

Bad Joke EEL

Remember this the next time you have a bad :-)

friends trapped in phone ;)