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  • Rachael Helm

    If you can read this with ease then you are incredibly talented at reading backwards which is an incredibly pointless talent to have......I read it like reading any old thing lol

  • Kara Welch

    haha, I have been looking through "humor" for way too long, and this is the first one that actually made me laugh out loud... :)

  • Natalie Percival

    That's me, just full of incredibly pointless talents. Yep, like being able to quote movies or saying random facts about celebrities

  • Katie Johns

    Laughs- If you can read this with ease then you are incredibly talented at reading backwards, which is an incredibly pointless talent.

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hahaha!!! --- Grumpy Cat is most definitely a work of the Devil.

Well, time for bed. This is so sad how true this is for me!!! Ha!!

So true..especially when you are forced to get up at 5:30 in the morning -__-

I think everyone has this problem. sometimes when I read text and FB post they crack me up. I oops quite a bit myself!

Actually I do this more with emails; write the reply but forget to send so it just sits in the Drafts until I try to find it in Sent :-/

Bryna Long, Courtney Long Do you remember my "Got Milk" ads? Terrifying.

Whenever I'm complimented on an amazing recipe, I think to myself, 'Maybe the seven hours a day I spend on Pinterest aren't such a waste after all.'

Awwww. Meow :)

I know everything you read on the internet is true because they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true!

The meaning of the phrase, "to each their own."

this dog is awesome!