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No post on Sundays

No post on Sundays. Stupid "The Notebook" haha. This is funny. Harry Potter humor with The Notebook.

Emma Watson. X

When Emma just went ahead and memorized everyone's lines, because why not?

Emma Watson being Hermione Granger-as everyone goes to watch the first harry potter for the umpteenth time.

Additionally, it has been confirm by Rowling, that being concived under the effects of a love potion is the cause Tom couldn't feel love. The impact of substance abuse in this case can't be ignored.

37 Times Tumblr Made You Rethink Everything About "Harry Potter"

If Lily Potter had an abortion, then who would stop Voldemort? Jesus christ read the books. More importantly though, if Merope Gaunt had an abortion, there would be no Voldemort to defeat.

Emma Watson reveals that in the movies you could see her mouthing Harry and Ron's lines, if you watch carefully enough

Definitive Proof Emma Watson Is Actually Hermione Granger (I watched that whole second video and didn't see her mouth a line. Am I blind? It's always so funny to see them when they were young!) Someone please comment a scene she does it in!

15 Times Tumblr Proved Muggleborns Are The Coolest Kids At Hogwarts

15 Times Tumblr Proved Muggleborns Are The Coolest Kids At Hogwarts

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He probably should have just quit while he was ahead because no one will be able to see him as anyone but Harry Potter. Or at least I won't. He will always be Harry Potter to me.  .....Too bad I missed pin #394.

I'm no wadjet part 38 (cause so many are asking- I'm the-imgurian on tumblr :))

How Harry would have looked if Lily married Snape. :) Harry Potter humor god, he was in Frankenstein?

Too much, this is too much. - Imgur

Ichabod the Optimistic Canine Comic [Links to others] This is cute and accurate to corgis.

Allll to points to Dumbledore.

Absolutely LOVE this! Dumbledore: "It does no good to dwell on dreams." Stephanie Meyer: "The idea for Twilight came to me in a dream." Dumbledore has spoken.