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Antique Botanicals (from Country Home website) ~ Photo by AnastasiaC @ percivalroad

Artichoke ice cream!? I don't know about it, but this blog has some great artichoke recipes.

Nancy Spurling The buds might be Cabbage Roses--what do you think? Bridal Blooms: Spring Garden Flowers

frame botanicals in living room over couch?

The oak tree's roots mirror its branches and stretch as far below ground as the branches do above.

Artichoke-Shaped Pendant Lamps Made From Recycled Novels, Maps and Magazines by Allison Patrick

Looking up into Jean Marie's artichoke lamp

7 High Protein Foods to Include in Your Diet they're not flowers...but they would certainly have plenty of impact in a centerpiece! :)

After a few years, would we expand to having a veggie and a flowering site. I know, that is ambitious...and greedy. Sorry, I just get excited

Great diagram! This is even better when you mix Italian bread crumbs, salt, pepper, garlic salt, and mix in olive oil to make a bread crumb paste. Stuff the bread crumb mixture into the heart of the artichoke and between the leaves. Cook as directed, eat as directed but also enjoy the satisfying garlicky crunch of the bread crumbs :)