FYI..i HATE chain letters! Tell me I'm going to die or not find the love of my life one more time and I can't be held responsible for what I do/say!

Oh this guy..


Sigh. Disturbingly common.

Hate it when this happens...

So true- I am- I know that this isn't a quote, but I didn't know where to put it.

Lol! I'm dying. This is hilarious.

Totally didn't read it. Either time.

seriously... every time I see a cookie display I'm happy... then suspicious

This is my life!!

hahaha!!! Seriously, the new "like this picture if... " stuff drives me crazy. Lame, lame, lame.

But really though why you people gotta hate!?

Haha - reminds me of my sister who sneezes 20 times in a row!

MWAHAHAHA!.... Love it!!!!

Hahaha - I so need this on my fridge and cupboards and the candy dish and...

because i'm always right, right?


and I am a Master