usb hub

USB :)

World’s Most Expensive USB Flash Drive by Shawish

Corsair Stormtrooper Case Design

Neat "Nothing like USB hub tulips to brighten up the office!"

i need

Book iPhone case. I'm never not gonna want this.

32 GB flash drive that's shaped like a key.

Very very cool! Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

Power Cup USB & AC Car Charger by Original Power

Nerdy Fashion

Continuance – AA Rechargeable Battery with USB Interface. Smart!

Candy wrapper flash drive

Why isn't this little guy in my life?

CUPHOLDER ADAPTER - Turn your car’s cigarette lighter into 2 DC outlets & 2 USB ports.


Pivot Power... travel charger with two outlets and two USB ports. So buying this!

Need this!

The Best Star Wars Furniture

Han Solo in carbonite iPhone case.