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My all time favorite book and best love story ever! Have read this a couple of times already and will probably read it a couple more times :-) Still gets me everytime. MUST READ

BUT....I must say that I've both watched the princess bride the movie, AND read the book...and the movie is WAY better. In the book Buttercup is a brainless, heartless idiot. It's true!

Loved this book. Mystery...about a woman who has amnesia, wakes up everyday not knowing who she is. Her husband has to tell her each day. Then her Dr. calls each day and tells her to look in the closet for her journal...and to not tell her husband. In her journal is written "Don't trust Ben" (her husband)!! Must read!


Favorite Book Quotes

"It's strange because sometimes, I read a book, and I think I am the people in the book."

I was never really crazy about the series, but they're an excellent read and this box set is beautiful.