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  • Emily Aleschus

    Secret rooms are #1 on my list of features in my future house.

  • Melody Waara

    funny stuff

  • Terry Mehring

    Dear Millionaires... #books

  • Danial Wildman

    That's right millionaires give the money to me if you don't have a hidden room behind a book shelf that moves to show the room. Because your spending your money wrong

  • Claire

    When I become a writer, this needs to be built into my dream house. I don't care if the haters of my books say it's attention seeking and be spoiled. It's what I really want. And I won't tell anyone where it is.

  • Anne Davis

    Dear Millionaires… true story!

  • hallie riddle

    Teenager Post: Dear Millionaires, if you don't have a bookshelf that spins into another room, give me your money because you're spending it wrong

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