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♔ Moira Hughes // Blossoms // Lanterns // Romantic Wedding // Facebook/MoiraHughesCouture

Disney princess party - Get almost everything at Walmart cheap, do a few DIY touches, and have a super perfect party!

Bokeh is a photographic term that derives from a Japanese word that roughly translates as "blur". The qualities of good bokeh are smooth gradations and spherical out-of-focus highlights (as opposed to those with jaggies).

There are magical place within, you just need to close your eyes and open your heart to find them. ~M.B. DeMaria

On a night like this, you don't want to wander

Oh, how I do love larches...a deciduous evergreen that turns bright gold and looses it needles in the fall!

nothing can top the show that mother nature puts on daily. here, she uses dead leaves and frost. Wow.

…,and then winter. i marvel that we crave what is either past or to come all the while, the now exists in exquisite perfection.