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    I can't decide if I want to room with this guy or marry him

    This guy is amazing.

    Love this guy!! And his hat...


    Hahahahaha!!!! I love him!

    I’m trying to imagine him asking these guys to take this picture



    this cracks me up.

    COVERT CLICKER......... Want to mess with those guys in the sports bars. You know the ones that like that team you hate? Well, we have the perfect device for you. Just when their team is ready to score you change the channel without anyone knowing it's you that did it.... WHAT! www.theonestopfun...

    We have rounded up some funny and random things spotted by internet geeks that deserve an online high-five.

    I am laughing just thinking about how many times they had to try and take this.

    This kid deserves an award.

    Mitch Hedberg was amazing - Truly!

    I always find it funny when a dog and person are doing the same thing side by side. It's just cute how people can imitate like that.

    Snapchat at its finest

    Demetri Martin. So good!