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How to Make Reed Diffuser Oil

How to Make Reed Diffuser Oil - using fragrances, perfume, baby oil. Read more ~

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Homemade Sleepytime Spray with Magnesium Oil

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Homemade Hair Perfume with Essential Oils

Homemade Hair Perfume with Essential Oils - Rubies & Radishes How to mix top note, middle note, and base note essential oils for a full-bodied and lasting scent when making your own natural perfumes or DIY hair perfume. Free printable and loads of tips and variations for homemade non-toxic fragrances and sprays. Click through to get the recipe!

Fighting Anxiety Without Medication - 10 Tips to Help You Feel Calm ~

DIY Diffuser - Mix one cap full of neutral alcohol (like vodka) with a 1/4 cap of mineral oil. This solution helps diffuse the scent of essential oils. Add a small amount of your favorite essential oil to the solution, starting with just a few drops and adding more to increase the strength of the scent. Stir and pour the mixture into your diffuser jar.

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Brownie in a Cup ~ Wipe the outside of the cup with rubbing alcohol. Use an oil based Sharpie paint marker, then write the instructions onto the cup. Let the Sharpie dry completely for 24 hours. Place your cup in a cold oven, then bake at 450 degrees for 30 minutes. Crack your oven door and let the cup cool down with the oven to prevent cracking. This would be great as a gift, add the dry ingredients and wrap.


DIY Oil Diffuser

DIY Oil Diffuser | Free People Blog One of the most important elements in creating a desirable home is having beautiful scents throughout.