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relics of andersonville prison, photographed in 1866 by matthew brady

The Confederate POW camp at Andersonville in Georgia - "War is not the fine adventure it is represented to be by novelists and historians, but a dirty bloody mess, unworthy of people who claim to be civilized" (Private Gibbs, 18th Mississippi infantry ; Quoted in A people's history of the civil war)

Civil War Ship - stunning image of Drewry's Bluff, Virginia. Federal transports with cargoes of artillery on the James. It was taken in 1865.

In the Civil War there were two major prisons. The Andersonville Prison which was for the Confederate States of America. (The Confederacy) And Camp Douglas which was for the United States of America. (The Union) One other prison was The Bell Isle Prison. (The Confederacy) The Andersonville and Douglas prison camps were the most horrible camps within the Civil War.

Tybee Island Light, Tybee, Georgia. Didn't make it to the lighthouse this time. Definitely on the list next time.

Civil War Virtual Museum | Major Guerrilla Warfare Actions | John Nichols - shown here as a prisoner with leg irons attached to a ball & chain. He was executed at Jefferson City, MO on 30 Oct 1863. Nichols, along with James Johnson became one of the smallest guerrilla bands operating in Northwest MO. They caused so much trouble that Union authorities had at one time issued a "shoot on sight" order against both men.

The deadline that kept prisoners back from the walls of the stockade was marked by a simple fence. Prisoners who crossed the line were shot by sentries who sat in “pigeon roosts” located every 90 feet along the wall. The man in this image was shot reaching under the fence as he tried to obtain fresher water than was available downstream. (Andersonville National Historic Site)

lighthouses in south carolina - Google Search

"Pearl Harbor Attack" (infographic)