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    This picture screams hypermediacy in more ways that one. As I have mentioned before hypermediacy consists of "look at me" attention on me types of things. This case pictured above fits like a glove. First the tattoos. No one get a tattoo on the side of their head of they don't want people to notice them. Also all over the arms, similar to the star wars draws lots of attention and even face! Next the hair. This bold haircut stands out among any crowd. To top it all off, pink sunglasses!!

    A simple red feather. Sweet. :) Reminds me of Peter Pan again. haha! Then again, most things do. ♥

    I dislike framed tattoos, but the feminine aspects of this are charming. Plus, who doesn't love a good cup of tea?

    What a beautiful tattoo! The pattern reminds me of traditional Slavic embroidery designs. ♥

    Piercings n dreads ♥ ~ I always wanted dreads when i was little. I would still want them, but i know i'd not suit them! Piercings and i have been friends for years, but i'd not get anywhere near my mouth done (seen too many friends with sores around them, haha!)

    Just a couple more years and I'll start inking my arms.. ;)

    Outer Forearm. Love this placement but love rolling up my sleeves at work more, unfortunately.

    I really like this. Starting to compile ideas for my mermaid side tattoo. I dont want a face so this is perfect!

    I have literally wanted this piercing since I was 16. But I'm still nervous to do it. Maybe one day I'll be brave. It is pretty pathetic to be dreaming of a piercing for over 5 years and not get it. Right?

    30 Perfect Tattoos For Word Nerds. Quill feather pen and an ink pot