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Medieval Sherlock!

Sherlock tapestries: Not My Division. Did the fandom seriously turn the Bayeux Tapestry into Sherlock?

sherlock medieval style. Best one yet.

mine days were bleak- John-"Don't forget Sherlock, I was a soldier, I killed people!" Sherlock-"You were a doctor!" John-"I had bad days!

Medieval Sherlock this makes me crack up

Medieval Sherlock - Don't talk out loud, Anderson. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Medieval Sherlock

Medieval Sherlock OMG more tapestry Sherlock! I've always loved the tapestry meme with a passion!

sherlock medieval style

Medieval Sherlock tapestries: Anderson Turn Your Back

"You repel me."-Medieval Shakespeare-HAHA these are too good! hilarious.

"You repel me."-Medieval Sherlock HAHA these are too good!

Medieval Sherlock

"Make your leave. I must go to the palace of mine mind" - Sherlock Medieval tapestry