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my favorite 6 moves for thighs like a dancer without ever dancing. Seriously, these moves have totally made my thighs toned and lean. Hooray for no jiggle!

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Weekend Challenge simple workout

Take one exercise from each category and do a circuit. This will make 5 circuits with 4 exercises each. Go through each circuit as many times as possible for a ratio of time (1min work: 30 sec rest, 30sec:30Sec, 45sec:15sec) Let me know how is works.

Firm your deep ab muscles to shrink your waist, improve your posture. Do this circuit twice, three days a week, for serious results. #fitnessmagazine


Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy and thighs shrink...and all you need is a wall and a yoga mat!

I need to read this every day

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Yoga Poses to Get Rid of Back/Hip Bulge

Tabata Intervals Kettlebell Workout. Takes just over 30 minutes and you'll do two-hand swings, high pulls, russian twist sit-ups, figure 8s, sprinter lunge jumps, windmills and twisting goblet squats.

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