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This would be the ultimate in romantic moments, but I may have to find a guy who loves the rain as much as me! lol

Me and my bestie ava slow danced in the rain the other day. We got bored and than went outside in the rain, ran around for a while than got bored. I said, "Slow dancing in the rain!" and we slow dance! we couldn't stop laughing.

Bucket list

This looks like the submarine at Disneyland! Most people have no idea what riding in a real submarine is like.


bucket list: sit on top of the hollywood sign; well maybe not sit on top since I am afraid of falling but horseback ride to it, YEAH BUDDY!

Gone snorkeling in Culebura Island in Puerto Rico. one of my best experience and joy that ive gone and done. I think everyone should go to that Island to camp out at night and snorkel, put it in your bucket list for sure!

CHECK...Happens every summer with family and friends =D

little things that make you smile ♥ ready for motor boating on the lake!

i'm not really a lip-color kind of person...so maybe, i can convince myself to do it at least once during my lifetime:)

The Homer of ALL BUCKET Lists……..hello Home Depot?

how bold is bold? bright pink and dull red lip mix.gives a very kissable lip pair!

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My Bucketlist