What do winnie the pooh and bob the builder have in common #BadJokeEel

Anti-joke Chicken


Not enough Bad Joke Eel.

bad dog...

LOL stupid auto correct. itll get ya every time

too true

Ok this made me laugh bee cause in all reality how hard could it be to find a black man in a snowstorm!?

i saw simba walking slow. . . / so i told him to mufasa!

Bad Joke Eel

bad joke eel

Hahah so funny! Teenager post! So funny! So true! OMG if someone said that i would go off my head ahahahahahahahaha

Unemployment joke

Lol I'm so easy to please. This is just funny

England and America Pun!

I had cheese but no crackers... #LamePunCoon

Hahahahaha! It's funnier when you say it out loud