What do winnie the pooh and bob the builder have in common #BadJokeEel

Not enough Bad Joke Eel.

Hahaha why is this so true?

Bad joke eel

Being a x-ray tech myself ..I love this!!!!

Bad joke eel strikes again

The Best/Worst Of Bad Joke Eel :))

Anti-joke Chicken

Ah I love anti-jokes... Wat does a cow and grass have in common... They both moo....... You know except for grass <3

bad joke eel - hahahaha

Bad Joke Eel

What do you call 4 spanish bullfighters in quicksand? / quattro sinko

Ok this made me laugh bee cause in all reality how hard could it be to find a black man in a snowstorm!?

bad joke eel

Bad Joke Eel.

Bad Joke Eel - what do you call fake noodles?