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    What do winnie the pooh and bob the builder have in common #BadJokeEel

    This sounds like a car ride with Kegan, Riley, Chloe and Gavyn. This and them laughing hysterically at the hilarity of these non funny jokes.

    Anti-joke Chicken

    Being a x-ray tech myself ..I love this!!!!

    What do you call 4 spanish bullfighters in quicksand? / quattro sinko

    Bahahhah! Is it sad I laughed?

    Not enough Bad Joke Eel.

    Ah I love anti-jokes... Wat does a cow and grass have in common... They both moo....... You know except for grass ♥

    Bad joke eel

    the anti joke chicken.

    bad joke eel - hahahaha

    Oh, Bad Joke Eel..... That's horrible

    Bad Joke Eel

    Bad joke eel

    i just died seriously how stupid is this

    I am so confused as to put this on my anti-jokes board or band board. I know! I'll put it on both!

    I legit want to see someone smack into a pole!! or a wall.... I think it would be hilarious! lol

    yo mama must be ugly because bob the builder can fix anything .

    Bad joke eel strikes again