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Strong. Look at her! She's like, "Step back and take notice people! Take notice and notes of all that is good and great about the powerful being that I am."

This is seriously, like, one of the few sugar skull costumes I actually dig... I'm thinking it has a lot to do with the rest of the outfit.

La Dia de los Muertos calavera bride bridal skeleton costume (Americans refer to this type of costume as a "sugar skull")

Remember Bob Ross painting masterpieces in half an hour minus commercial time?!!!! Amazing wonderful man, do you remember the little squirrel he saved and brought to work in his pocket? “Happy little bushes! . . . “Trees cover up a multitude of sins.” . . .”Clouds are very, very free!”

Day of the Dead costume, Los Angeles by amircheff, via Flickr

Super Cute Flower Pot Girl Costume Tutorial! How adorable is this costume?! #Halloween #costume #homemade

The greatest costume in the history of the world. I need to learn how to sew JUST so I can make this!