Good idea for the summer! Perhaps it hangs until chores are finished??

Baby Asleep Door Hanger

Turn it into a game for the kids~ The dice decides which chore you get.

I made this cover for an air freshener can. My grandkids thought there were monsters in the basement. LOL It worked :)

Printable Kids Can / Can’t Play Door Hanger.

Portable LEGO Kit for Little Travelers

I would be so glad to see this at the last day of school!

Summer list...what a great idea!

Super Summer Challenge...interesting ideas for discipline, goals/chores/activities for children

cross off the doses on your one-time prescription bottles, like antibiotics, with a permanent marker to keep track

50 trampoline ideas. I would have never thought about sidewalk chalk!

How to teach your kids to do chores without whining and crying

All the time

what a great idea.

Chore list - paint/sparkle clothespins

old or new kids' art repurposed as art...take a picture of each one, arrange in a collage and then frame! Brilliant!

Love this idea!

Who needs a full on quiet book when you can have these cute felt games. There are 11 cute indivual games. Great felt busy bag ideas.

Printable Kid Coupons - This would make a great reward for good grades, completing chores - or a gift for a birthday or Christmas!

Roll the dice for chores!

Such a cute idea!