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Omg! So true! Do this all the time and then I end up taking like 5 minutes just to put my shoes on because I have to un-tie and re-tie my shoes and everything just takes so long!

Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

Basketball+Quotes+Inspirational+Hard+Work | kobe-bryant-quotes-sayings-practice-game-basketball.jpg never give up

Volleyball 8x10 Sport Poster Print

Volleyball Poster Print has a striking image and funny sayings. Humorous quotes like, “Bump. Set. Spike,” will inspire and motivate your player. It makes a umique gift for a volleyball player. Show yo More

A few days ago I thought about to quite unicycling. After I read this I thought why did I start unicycling. I thought about it and finally I said I need to still progress in unicycling and get better. Some day I want to be really good then I can start doing something else #unicycle basketball and more

8 Essential Keys for Successful Exam Preparation

Work hard enough that you know you can never fail no matter what and then that is when you're guaranteed to be a champion... Never give up and try your hardest!