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In conjunction with my Supernatural dvd marathon session on right now

Funny pictures about Happy end. Oh, and cool pics about Happy end. Also, Happy end photos.

Work it, Sammy!| Supernatural | Funny Pictures, Funny Images

Time to be fabulous…

Funny pictures about It's Time To Be Fabulous. Oh, and cool pics about It's Time To Be Fabulous. Also, It's Time To Be Fabulous photos.

Ifunny Supernatural

Well they have every right to act childish since they didn't really have a childhood.

#deanwinchester #jensenackles #supernatural

If say that's an accurate assessment of what is happening in this picture.

SPN advice <-- but if we do summon a spirit maybe the Winchesters will come save us, or at least we will have proof that the Supernatural does exist :D

seriously, leave the exorcising, ghost hunting, and monster ganking to the Winchesters. Would a white person in a horror movie do this? If yes, DONT do the thing.

Aren't we all part of the bloodline of Cain and Abel? Bc Adam and Eve were the first humans and cain and Abel were their sons?

Dean + Lucifer Theory Supernatural "The End", "The Song Remains the Same", and "First Born"