food layout. LOVE the cupcake holders with the mini sandwiches.

Tiny Desserts

tiny desserts

teeny tiny desserts

Perfect, tiny desserts.

Tiny Trios: Bite-Sized Desserts

Mini Strawberry Lemon Trifles Use little shot glasses to serve teeny-tiny desserts

I love the look of these tiny desserts--can't wait to try it with lots of different clear candle holders I already own,,,,,,

Apple Wedges for Dessert! "If our kids always ate fruit for dessert, they would be so much healthier! Fruit, with its natural sweetness, low calories, and being full of nutrients, are just the desserts they need. And if you serve fruit for dessert often enough, ...the fruit will be soon be plenty sweet for them. Now we did use a tiny bit of chocolate, but even that contains some beneficial antioxidants. So what are you waiting for? Your kids want some dessert tonight!"

So Rad, Miniature Dessert set made of polymer clay. She even makes little tiny boxes for the desserts.

mini desserts

Desserts for wedding


mini food

Beautiful, tiny outdoors wedding

Mini desserts...

veggie trays with the best dip holders, ever.

mini sandwiches

Sweetly pretty Mini Plum Tarts. #food #cooking #baking #dessert #tarts #plum #fruit

Tiny Strawberry Cream Scones - Joy the Baker

mini desserts!