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looks like some great articles on parenting

"A family was kicked off a United Airlines flight last February after they repeatedly complained about the in-flight movie." They complained twice! This is just wrong!!!!!!!!! Movies have a rating for a reason PG 13 movies shouldn't be shown in a mixed audience and then to throw them off because they complained. UNREAL!

Reconciliation and Forgiveness: L. Gregory Jones

Consequences That Actually Work! (Part 3)

from CNN

Bully-proofing your kids -

Bully-proofing your kids - Starting when their son was 3, psychologist Tammy Hughes and her school psychologist husband started teaching him. At night, they'd say, "Tell me three good things that happened to you today." This helped him make the distinction between events and his feelings about them. Once he had that mastered, they added, "Tell me three good things that happened to someone else (lesson: the world includes me and other people, their feelings and actions)." Next they…

from Lasso the Moon

Passionately Curious

{Awesome Free eBook} I was going through my inbox when I found this awesome download: Creativity Matters. Check it out... click the Tinker Toy pic to link through to the site. This quote caught my attention: “Preschool children, on average, ask their parents about 100 question a day. Why, why, why — sometimes parents just wish it’d stop. Tragically, it does stop. By middle school they’ve pretty much stopped asking. It’s no coincidence that this same time is when student motivation and…

How to bake real cookies in your play kitchen - this is the sweetest idea to do with your kids!