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Inspiration for team project. We have to create our own branding for international conference ISMAR at Munich 2014. Logos, logotypes, identities, posters, websites, … .

DOSSIER MAGAZINE 003 by willem.kitshoff, via Flickr // White space! I like how Old breaks the grid just enough to make the design a little more dynamic. Nice contrast between the two pages too.

Promotional posters for the 2011 Swaan + Christos USA Tour, two songwriters performing each other's acoustic repertoire.

Use as Bookmarks, made out of wood letters. Great beginning would be "Once upon a time..."

The Rules of Typography. Free poster by Evan Stremke

It's kinda bad how much I want these prints... considering I'm basically an adult...

The black and white go really well together and the concept of the big characters looks good

Eine neue Version ist verfügbar | Design made in Germany

maybe do a map of slangs, color by meaning. red -dangerous; blue-has a more friendly positive meaning