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Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, seriously why are they not together?! Elizabeth Lockhart Cronin see, here's an example of old Leo < young Leo

Love the angle and stuff. Remember people, a first class girl can drink. Wait! I just realized am I the only one who think Leo's eyes are a little creepy in this picture? He's probably like WOW!!

Love this movie. it's one of those movies that I have to love. And they got all the history right.

Near, far, wherever you are.

One of My all time fav's. I could watch this over and over! Titanic.

Titanic (1997) Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater

Titanic, Jack, I mean Leo, after this movie, I didn't understand why there weren't guys at my school in reality that looked like you and so sweet!! Celeb crush#

Titanic breaks my heart. Jack & Rose. True love

Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls. Wearing this...Wearing ONLY this.