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The future may not be bright for everyone earning a graduate degree. In fact, some PhDs and students with a Master’s Degree are actually on food stamps or doing jobs not at all related to their field of study. It’s the reality for many and it’s an important topic to understand (especially if you’re considering grad school right now).

POWER FULL: BLUEBERRIES. Helps infection, fights free radicals, it's #1 in the world of antioxidants, anti-depressant, high in fiber, cures heart disease, slows the aging process, reduces the risk of alzheimers, brain cell restorer, anti-cancer, ocular health and has lots of vitamins!

America is obsessed with its social media tools — more than half of all Americans have a social networking profile. But what does social media tell us about American society? Is our use of social tools a reflection of our interests and behaviors?

S.E.W Saving Endangered Wildlife | mirimworkds

Edible Wild Plants Wild Foods from Dirt to Plate By John Kallas

Being easy makes you popular: unsurprisingly, the most difficult college degrees and the most popular aren't one and the same

One upside to the downturn is that the average American has a smaller food budget these days, so perhaps we can finally get our arms around the enormous domestic weight problem. Even our Super Models are getting skinnier! But while our hunger for hamburgers may be facing a forced downsizing, our insatiable appetite for information continues to balloon

To fully understand the energy issue, we have to understand how America gets its energy, and how it uses it. When you see the full picture, the problems (we waste a lot of energy) and the potential solutions (we have just barely cracked into renewable energy) become more clear. Here from solar to coal, is how much of our energy comes from each potential source, and where those sources go.

Photo, simple shape, blur | 30 Beautifully Designed Posters | From up North

[America Loves Solar Power ]