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The 36th AVENUEfrom The 36th AVENUE

10 Things Children Will Always Remember

Simply Amazing yes you are....

This reminds me of the movie God's not Dead...MOST AWESOME MOVIE EVER....but all you Atheists out there, think about it. Maybe us believers can't prove God's real but, you can't prove he's not. It's all about FAITH!

I have played in the rain with both of you and we have seen many storms come and go together and been shelter for one another. Thank you to my best friend and Mom

so true! Don't always love the reality of this quote but I do love that God is bigger and has better plans than I could ever make.

"She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that's important." - Marylin Monroe

So true, but picking the right song is key, visualizing yourself in the lyrics and the story it transposes. Weird I know lol But once you hear that song, you know what happens