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Revenge tells you about a girl named Amanda Clarke whose father betrayed by his trusted ones including his lover. The set is in the Hamptons, most expensive residential properties in US, which is awesome. All the dresses Emily van Camp wore is rad! Aging is a myth, for Victoria Grayson (played by Madeleine Stowe) looks amazingly stunning for a 50 y.o woman. Revenge has never been this super sweet!

I thought this was the best part of the show, but now they're going to kill Charlotte. 'Fraidy writers...

I wasn't expecting to love Revenge, but it has me hooked. I'll admit the dialogue between the actors can get a little ridiculous, but the overall plot has me actually sprinting from work so that I don't miss a minute of it.

Revenge has become the 2011-2012 season's new mystery drama, replacing what LOST was for the ABC network. The show gives what the audience wants but still leaves room for wanting more. And getting a taste for what happens later in the season in the pilot episode was a different sort of narrative technique audience members don't see often.

They're all so hot like ohmygosh. I can't decide Nolan, Daniel or Aiden! Can't I just have them all?!

This quote portrays Hamlet well because his father was stolen from him at a young age by his uncle and now Hamlet must take action and avenge his father's death and the only way to do that, is revenge.

just when you have it figured out.. it gets another twist to the story; I love the show

Good Ole Jack- never watch tv, but ordered both seasons on AMazon, watched season one in less than week, and now caught up in season 2 but hating that I have to wait for show to air now