Candy rock.

what a rock!

The beauty of a natural rock formation.

Deer Creek Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

Skull Rock at Sunset ~ Joshua Tree National Park, California

♥ Fly Gyser, Black Rock Desert, Hualapai Valley near Gerlach, Nevada



Heart Shaped Rock, Maui, Hawaii.

Cozy Yogi: She's someone who takes time to connect with herself, whether it's on the mat in the studio or in the comfort of her own home—rest & rejuvenation are just as important for her body as they are for her mind.

Balancing Rock, Nova Scotia



Weird Rock Formations at Agia Pavlos.

Lake Huron beach rocks

Spider Rock

Red Rocks, Utah

Denksiya landscape - colored mountains of China

30 Beautiful Photos of Water Reflection - photographer unknown. Please add a comment if you know who that person is.

Moeraki Boulders, sphere rock formations from ancient times discovered in NZ

Point Mugu, California