Letters to God...This made me smile :)


kids are hilarious

The microwave are my lunch!!! And those damn hotdogs that hide in my cornbread.

25 Funny Notes Written By Kids.

This kid is awesome!

I. Died. This kid is going places

Okay, so these are my favorite things ever...


Basically my childhood in one pin!

Lol....sorry I had to repin this one!!

Kids seeing red hair for the first time…

Yet another reason I make Ri wear a shirt, sans lettering, on picture day. I learned the hard way...his kindergarten pic has a nice big "Downtown" under his sweet face. Better than this poor guy but still bummed when I look at it now.

Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

I feel like these are the kinda things my future kids will have meltdowns over...


Will Ferrell funnies

note for this coming Halloween....