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Happy 5th Birthday Pain Sufferers Speak! Look for updates on all parts of Pain Sufferers Speak's global community throughout today!  Here is our complete web presence

After growing up in an abusive home, this woman left at 15 and found her path to healing.

The Old Battery Theory of Chronic Illness

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Childhood Abuse Can Lead to Health Problems Later

Pain Sufferers Speak: Check out this educational infographic on how to f...

Emotional Pain Spots... How to "Spot" them? #painrelief #painmanagement

Painsomnia is real for many health conditions and for those living with chronic pain

YOU are not alone! Connect with all parts of Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Community of Resources

Remember who u are...

Liz Hall’s page on -

Pale, White Nails - Nail Health: Fingernail Problems Linked to Health Problems - Shape Magazine

Spoonies rocks!!! #spoonies #spoons #chronic #pain #illness #chronically_ill #health

Baby steps add up to real change! Go for it

Living with a chronic illness, we feel like a burden more than anything else and, while our families/friends may tell us otherwise, we can come down the hardest on ourselves. Let's change what we tell ourselves in our darkest moments even if at the time we don't believe it about ourselves. We are important and we matter. Our voice matters. Our lives matter. Our feelings matter. Our stories matter. Always! #MayIsLupusAwarenessMonth #ShareYourStory #YouMatterAndYouAreNotAlone

Pain Sufferers Speak: What do you spread on the web?

Do you want to get rid of headaches, anxiety, or lower back pain? Dr Oz demonstrated some easy Cranial Sacral Therapy techniques you can do to get relief.

Fibro Naps Save Lives...this is true in more ways in one...the most important thing you can do for Fibro is is the only chance your body has to rejuvenate itself MUST come up with a plan for sleeping matter what it takes

This is called central sensitization. Every sense is heightened, and when it becomes overwhelming, it fires up our whole CNS and causes heightened pain. Once your CNS has been on alert 24/7 for years, you also develop more of substance P in the brain, the chemical that makes you feel pain. new scientific studies find that people with central sensitization have 5x as much substance P, making any pain we feel 5x stronger than normal people. Thanks for posting this!

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