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Natalie Wood - during the filming of Gypsy, 1962

Natalie Wood at the 'Avalance of Stars' held in Avioraz in the French Alps. Photo: Jean-Claude Deutsch, 1970.

Natalie Wood is so beautiful. West Side Story is one of my favorite movies.

Natalie Wood in the French Alps, photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch, 1970

Natalie Wood - Don Henley wrote the song "Dirty Laundry" to express his outrage at the tabloid press for their treatment of her after her death.(November 29, 1981 (aged 43)

Natalie Wood, a 1970's photo by Michael Childers. Before elegance died and real ladies still wore hose.

Natalie Wood in White A portrait of the beautiful Ms. Wood in the 1950s.

Natalie Wood - New york city skyline by AnastasiaC @ percivalroad, via Flickr

Natalie of the great beauties!

Natalie Wood I adored Natalie all of my young life, and into my adult years, she was so fantastic, so beautiful, the movie, The Grass Is Greener, is one of my all time favorite film, I am so sorry she died so young, something happened on that boat that night, with Wagner and Christopher, Natalie was terrified of water, makes no sense for her to drown, very sad.....;-(