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  • sandpipersong... Connie Shearer

    Tears and sorrow. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 shows the drastic changes that would occur in people in these "last days". Technology has helped mankind in many ways, but it has definitely made people less human, less considerate, less caring..Violent computer games and videos desensitize people. Living in a fantasy world, some mix up fantasy and reality. Drugs and gambling have further desensitized people. All signs of what Jesus called "the last days". People no longer believe in God or the Bible.

  • 'Rebecca Something

    Tears of sadness or tears of joy?

  • Melody

    All God's Children

  • Treacy B

    tears...sad eyes say so much

  • Jo Walter

    breaks my heart

  • Bri Klaproth

    nezart design

  • Brad Baard

    tears make me wanna cry

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Tears are beautiful... dont let anyone convince you otherwise! It proves you feel and love...{love is beautiful}

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"Don't make me do it," she whispered, and all he could see in that moment was her eyes and the fear deeper than the ocean that hid within them.

my heart breaks for him....

So this isn't Facebook or texting. You are able to read this without me telling you. You know I still shed this tear all the time. And you supposedly had a guilty look on your face when you found that out. We never talk, and I'm still speechless from everything you told me which you made me look like an idiot. This tear that I shed should be the last.

Eyes that bear sleepless nights, that portray the brokenness of begin human, eyes that know pain

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