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The Waterfall - St Nectan's Glen, where King Arthur's knights were baptised before the holy grail

Glastonbury is notable for myths and legends concerning Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and King Arthur

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Sun Set Castle Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Nigel Hatton

Tintagel Castle Cornwall said to be the seat of King Arthur and the Knight of the round table.

The sparse ruins of Pendragon Castle, perched on a grassy motte north of Outhgill. Legend has it that Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur, died here when a well was poisoned ~ Cumbria, England

~ Merlin’s Cave from Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, England ~ I have looked down from the castle high up on a hill ~ they say that Merlin hid here from his enemies and that King Arthur was conceived in the castle ~ Ev and I were speechless ~ it's a beautiful world ~