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Vintage Wizard Of Oz Party! - Kara's Party Ideas - The Place for All Things Party --- Some cute decorations - etc. for a Wizard of OZ party. (But how much cake can everyone eat?)

Decorating in a high school classroom. I like: ellipsis, there are three dots, not fifteen

Nothing can replace the feeling of holding a book and turning the pages ;)

9 classics every woman should read

that would be lovely!

Hemingway on how to become a good writer.

That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realize that everyone is just carrying on with their lives...

We can't wait until "The Fault in Our Stars" movie is released. In the meantime, get your YA novel fix with these titles.

Paper vs. technology... #funny #pics #cool #humour #men #hilarious #meme #jokes

Cool way to find new books! I've actually read several of these.


Love this ... So this is when Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 are useful in everyday life!! This and distilling moonshine!

I've read and fell in love with The Hunger Games, Divergent (Favorite Book EVER!), Beautiful Creatures (The Whole Series), The Fault in Our Stars (Another Favorite) and I am reading Clockwork Angel now! Might try and read the rest (Looking for Alaska is boring though...)

Edgar Allen Poe. I feel like it would be funny to put these up in the classroom along with traditional posters. Give the kids some joy & humor!

I read past my bedtime.<<< I'm like such a rebel

Inspired Design: Coralie Bickford-Smith - Home - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies

If you liked The Fault in Our Stars..

29 Books To Get You Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis - take this with a grain of salt, of course, as I've heard a lot of negative things about The Magicians and Joy Luck Club isn't _that_ good. But something to add to the reading list.

For when old books are completely beyond repair, use the spine as a lovely old bookmark

Gray hoodie with Hello Kittie pouch and pink polka dot sleeves. Perfect for Harajuku!

Books written by women, about women, for women.