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These flatten wine bottles make perfect serving trays for your cheese and meats assortment. Completely ups the status of your next dinner party, and recycles and reuses wine bottles in a fabulous new way. DIY instructions here:

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DIY Napkin Paper Ballerina 2 - taken from Stacey Chemodan's blog. Charming ballerinas from wire and paper napkins.

Plant your feet on our AZEK Pavers. These low-maintenance, high-performance pavers look beautiful and are easy to install. Best of all, they’re made from up to 95% recycled materials so you’ll save installation time while being environmentally friendly. Use our AZEK online tools to plan your perfect patio space.

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Have you ever seen the perfect shade of nail polish and brought it home only to realize it wasn’t? You’ll never use it again, so what do you do with it? Don't have to let that bottle of polish go to waste! We are sure that there are a bunch of ways you can use it around your home that you haven’t even thought of! To start you off, follow along as eBay shares seven uses for nail polish that have nothing to do with painting your nails!

DIY Giant Paper Flower Backdrop / Mural de Flores de Papel gigantes. Weddings, Bodas , Event decoration

DIY Tutorial: DIY Origami / DIY Tissue paper flowers -- These could be cute for something... Cool that they have different types of flowers...

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Vintage Girl Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit Makes 24Vintage Girl Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit Makes 24,