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This are 16 inch gun barrels being built at the Baldwin Locomotive plant in Philadelphia pa. These guns are for the USS NEW JERSEY photo dated early 1942

Gun Tube for Fort Funston, California. The barrels for the guns were manufactured for mounting on the 35,000 ton battle cruiser U.S.S. Saratoga whose construction was stopped by the Treaty of Washington. Picture taken 14 April 1937.

Ordnance men moving a 16" shell from its storage stall to ammunition hoist on board the Iowa Class Battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62). Nov 1944. 16"/50 calibre Mark 7 gun

A ' VERY DRAMATIC ' photo from World War Two showing a landing craft gun (medium) (almost certainly LCG (M) 101) crew fighting to save their shell ridden and sinking craft during the landing by Royal Marine commandos on the island of Walcheren at Westkape. Note how everybody is engaged in the effort with no signs of panic when the boat is almost under.


Top 10 Most Famous Ships in History

German Battleship Bismarck

Americas most decorated Battleship, the USS New Jersey (BB-62) transiting the Panama Canal. Now a museum docked on the Delaware at Camden, NJ

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The battleship Iowa 1942-2012

USS Missouri (left) and USS Iowa

USS Hornet CV 1944. Grumman F6F Hellcats parked on the carrier's flight deck and anti-aircraft gun.


Powerful Naval weapons in high-res (30 HQ Photos)

USS Idaho (BB-42). USS Idaho received seven battle stars in World War 2.

A German "Nashorn" in Italy 1944. L/Cpl J.A. Thrasher, Westminster Regiment of the 5 Canadian Armored Brigade, with his PIAT gun and a self-propelled 88mm gun which he knocked out with it. 26 May 1944, Pontecorvo (vicinity), Italy.

Six Great Carriers In Ulithi Anchorage: Read from foreground to background: USS Wasp, USS Yorktown, USS Hornet, USS Hancock, USS Ticonderoga, and USS Lexington, anchored at Ulithi before a strike on Japan. U. S. Navy Photo

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Nuclear Cruisers And Battleships: Check Out This Reagan Era Navy Photo

USS New Jersey, USS Missouri, USS Long Beach