• Lizbeth Aracely

    Can you feel the love tonight? (Photo: Nick Brandt) LION LOVE! <3 KING && QUEEN! <33

  • Top Pinterest Animals

    Lions #lion #lioness #kingofthejungle #lionlovers #bigcats

  • Judy Mendicino

    Black And White Animal Photos By Nick Brandt

  • Sara Beck

    True love. Wonderful photo by Nick Brandt.

  • Deanna Dilley

    Lion Love. Nick Brandt Photography I say we name them Simba & Nalah. Can you tell I <3 the Lion King?! :-)

  • Jeris JC Miller

    everlasting love. photography by nick brandt - 96 % of the Global Big Cat Population has been decimated in my lifetime ... Will they be extinct before I die?

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Alphie singing our rendition of, "ADPi Makes Me Crazy."

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"Tears me up everytime. This is the man who bought this lion as a cub in the 60’s and then when it got too big he let it into the wild. 10 years later it was the alpha male in a nature reserve in Africa. The guy went to see it and it walked up to him and gave him a hug." So. Cute.



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spring break?

Leader of the Pack.






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Lion Love. Like Big/Litte.


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but really.



This Lion knows Jesus.