make a fish with cupcakes


Cupcake Cake

These beautiful princess dress cakes are made from cupcakes. Talk about easy to serve! Decorate with sprinkles, edible pearls ribbon and a tiara to create a one of a kind look.

- 10/13/2013 Made with two 8" rounds and two 6"rounds for wings and cupcakes for body

Pro Tip: To make a doll cake, stack cake layers until you reach your doll's hips and then carve to create the shape of a skirt. Click for full tutorial.

The easy way to make a dog-shaped cake

two bunt cakes = 3rd birthday cake! bc holy moly Im going to have a 3 year old this year!!

cupcakes - cake - flowers

Cowboy Cupcakes - Okay, the Pringles hat got me... That is freakin' cute!

How to make an Airplane Cake

cute summer cupcakes

Boston cream cupcakes

CUTE puppy cupcakes

Rapunzel Tower Cupcakes

edible fish bowls - totally making these

Princess Dress Birthday Cake

horse cupcake cake! SO CUTE This website has 11 pages of cupcake cake designs

"Popcorn" cupcakes

Polka Dot Cake ~ link to detailed baking instructions!

Cute cupcake idea!