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Doctor Who Cookie Cutters

Wow Doctor Who Cookie cutters! Custom Doctor Who Cookie Cutters - Neatorama My sister would love these!

Bahahah! Dr. Who

moisturize me. (bahahaha so awesome) // Doctor Who

Rugrats = Doctor Who

So I was watching Doctor Who before I even knew I was watching Doctor Who! Rugrats was like my favorite cartoon when I was growing up!

Peg People - Use this as a painting guide for peg people or nesting dolls.

11 Faces Of Doctor Who The Eleven Doctors Eleven incarnations on one shirt. Available via RedBubble Also available as an iPhone Case!

Dalek tree! "Water me or be EXTERMINATED!"

27 Awesomely Nerdy Christmas Trees

Many people like myself like to celebrate Christmas with the Doctor Who Christmas Special but one Whovian went one step further and built a Dalek Christmas tree! This very bright Dalek seems like the perfect Christmas tree for Doctor Who Read More .

Doctor Who themed food Lady Cassandra Cookies lololol

Top 10 Best Doctor Who Party Food Ideas -- Cassandra Cookies I don't know whether to put this into my nerd or recipe board haha. <<< there was a weeping angel on that cake in the back.

Wingback TARDIS chair would look gorgeous in my living room! ;)

Wingback TARDIS chair <-- This would be an awesome chair for my library!

Barty Crouch Jr is David Tennant!!!!!!! How could I miss that????????????????????

Doctor Who - Harry Potter Actor Crossovers. The first one is showing the wrong actor! Adrian Rawlins was the science ist in the episode. And they forgot John Hurt (Mr. Ollivander/War Doctor) and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley/Rory's dad)

Doctor Who references are everywhere :)

Most no trespassing signs tend to be rather plain and boring. The majority of the signs I see simply say “No Trespassing” and that is it. Once in a while you will see something about a guard dog being on Read More .

"has your person died" "yeah" "well that doesn't help at all"

Doctor Who - Guess Who . omg where is my old copy of this game! This has DIY written all over it. I want the old version of this game to make this.

I think inside of the box because it's bigger on the inside

I think inside the box.because it's bigger on the inside the TARDIS. Or really, think inside the TARDIS.

... <b>doctor</b> <b>doctor</b> who <b>doctor</b> <b>who quotes</b> geeky <b>quote</b> <b>quotes</b> quoting the

Doctor Who Quotes “Doctor Who Quotes” by Tom Trager. Over 15 Doctor Who quotes on one shirt. My favorite quote is 'Are you my mummy?


Tardis Backpack - Imagine all the books this would hold! Give me some sharpies, puff paint, and other assorted craft supplies. My kid will definitely have this backpack. I need a blue backpack now