<3 this for school

Zombie Family Car Stickers #lmfao

Unfortunately placed tags...i think the Winnie the Pooh one is the the one that I can't stop laughing at...

Oh my word.


I'm so excited

Oh I need this shirt! :)

Keep Calm and Gather Your Minions!


oh yes!

bro tip


OMG this is sooo cute <3 <3

@Tesia Wolfe

Growing Jewelry : a ring with a plant, let's serve edible flower rings at WEDDINGS!!! or NEW YEAR'S EVER PARTIES....or PARTYBUS PARTIES (you know you 're always up dancin' and eatin', alfalfa, bean spouts whenever I want to eat it! (aways eat spouts!) ON A FREAKIN'ring

totally doing this. The egg faces were hysterical. Now its banana time!! @Kate Mazur Horney

Three bananas that look like celebrities

Hah bananas

this should not be as funny as i think it is right now