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Old School Bazooka Bubble Gum

Bazooka bubble gum with Bazooka Joe comic. I've never been keen for bubblegum but I can remember my friends buying this.

I will name him George

I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him Daffy Duck being held by the abominable snow man.

Childhood Memories, Color Nbc, Memories Remember, Color Television, 60S Logo, Color Tv

Remember the color NBC peacock announcing a show was in color? Not all shows were. At our house the peacock was always in black and white.we didn't have a color tv until I was in high school!

Saturday Night Lives' Mr. Bill made his first appearance 1976. OHH NOOOO!!!

Oh no Mister Bill! Good old days of SNL I loved Mister Bill!

Back when TVs were a decorative piece of furniture and us kids were the remote control!

Fab Friday Funny: Remember When TV's Did This

The UNENDING SOUND of the test pattern that you hear on ALL TVs after 12 midnight. Yes, there was nothing to watch after 12 midnight.

Cuando la gente arruinó estos juguetes al señalar que tienen una connotación sexual.

I don't even remember what these were called, but they're those squishy colored water toys. I had one, but it broke and got red liquid all over my other toys!

Clearly Canadian!! I LOVED THESE! :) reminds me of Summers in Illinois

I'm not a fan of flavored water, but I LOVED Clearly Canadian in high school.

Cosas que llevaste a la escuela si fuiste un niño de los 80

Oh yeah! The trapper Keeper! I loved this! I had this exact one!

The Night Before Christmas 1981 Little Golden Book Corinne Malvern 450 31 | eBay

The Night Before Christmas 1981 Little Golden Book Corinne Malvern 450-31

'The Night Before Christmas (Little Golden Book)' by Clement C. Moore and Corinne Malvern ---- This 1949 Little Golden Book edition of the famous poem, The Night Before Christmas, was a staple in the Golden Book line for many yea.