cooking hearth

old fashion stove

cob kitchen

love the stove


Rustic Scandinavian House. I like the way the hearth is part of 2 rooms.

stone, stone, stone

Would love to know what kind of ovens these are and how to recreate them. French style for homes.

wood burning kitchen stove with stacked wood.

Nice masonry stove design by Fisher Masonry in Sweden



Like the cob kitchen island idea Galleri for houses

Cob-oven-1 For pizza and bread in the backyard from the Art of Doing Stuff.

mass heater with cooktop!


Cabin style

I love the rock fireplace in the bedroom.

A beautiful cob and tile furnace! Cob is made with sand and clay, it's cheap and easy to find by the truckload. Add straw like rebar for strength. Adobe makes bricks and muds over them. Cob is more just the mud with straw. You can seal it with a lime plaster, and its just like concrete.

Cob house bathroom <3

Sweet Country Life ~ Simple Pleasures ~ Country Kitchen ~ crocheted linen, wildflowers, pottery - via@stargazermerc - #WesternHome