KISAI ROGUE TOUCH POCKET WATCH Pocket watches are more or less a novelty at this point, which makes the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch ($170) all the more unusual. Sporting a relatively intricate yet easy-to-read dual time-zone face, the Rogue offers touch-based controls, an always-on display, date and time functionality, LED lighting, stainless steel case, an included chain, and a see-through cover = Everything about this pleases me!

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Maybe I should get back into pocket watches... This digital one from Kisai Rogue looks like a good place to start

Wrist Holo - Seiko - 2001 with Square Enix for Final Fantasy Spirit Within - NEED!

Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch Black Dial, handmade in the USA.

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TAG-Heuer Formula-1 Watch by Peter Vardai

The title minimal really suits this concept design that an unknown designer by the name of Roderick (from Malta) submitted to Tokyoflash.

Bovet Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana Watch.

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