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  • Stacy Winters

    Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness

  • Tricia LaBeau

    Body issues

  • Meg

    Amelia 9/12. Kim 5/09. Eating disorders are not "just a phase". Practice good mental health, rely on your friends, and try to allow yourself freedom from developing dangerous control issues with food and your health.

  • Leah Mains

    National Disorder Awareness week

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I need these poses.

Perfection is the disease of a nation. You can't fix what you can't see it's the soul that needs the surgery.

I'm getting real sick and tired of food having calories. | Ecard

How to Maintain Breast Size While Losing Weight. Good to know, because who wants to lose their boobies anyway?!

Leg Workout

50 ways to lose 10 pounds.

5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle. Same weight... drastically different size. It's not always about weight, ladies!

Get moving



...Oh my gosh... so many of my friends would say this is so true.

Sometimes Its Okay.. Breathe. Depression. Suicide. Cutter. Self-Harm. Anorexia. Bulimia. Paranoia. Die. Depressed. Anxiety. Purge. Binge. Starve. Alone. Drugs. Alcohol. Cigarette. Panic. Eating Disorder. Voicese. Alive. Recovery. Life. Love. Heart. Blood. Dead. Lungs. Air.

A blog focused on food, cooking, life and a positive self image! Love the focus on loving the body you have rather than hating yourself for not being "bikini" ready!

DIY at home body wrap - just 3 supplies needed!

Mind blown.

flat stomach tips

Love yourself

The Love Yourself Challenge is a positive space that respects, accepts and loves everyone where they are for who they are. This is a space that embraces every body and encourages individuals to have self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance.

Talking Saves Lives Poster

Loved my stomach when I did this. Doing it again! This one has 5 min instead of 4 so even better!

I prefer this motto over "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

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